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### Thumb War ###

You are a thumb gladiator in the Collose-thumb! You must survive for as long as you can by slaying your opponents, earning gold and food, and upgrading your stats. How long can you survive? And how infamous will you become?

~~~ Controls ~~~

Arrow keys to move and perform actions in game.

Z, X, C, Enter to perform actions when prompted.

~~~ Tips ~~~

Some enemies can only move after a set number of turns. Use this to your advantage and bring on the damage!

~~~ Credits ~~~

Adapted from Unity's 2D Roguelike Tutorial by Liam Chessell (liamchessell.com)

"Preparing for Battle" by TheJamarillo (Newgrounds.com)

Developed for #1GAM March 2016 (onegameamonth.com)

More information

Published1 year ago
AuthorLiam Chessell
Tags1GAM, 2D, battle, colloseum, Roguelike, rpg, sprites, thumbs, unity

Install instructions

~~~ Download Instructions ~~~

Downloadable for Mac only. Download the stand-alone file to play!


ThumbWar.app.zip (14 MB)

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